Lyft Age Requirement for Drivers

What is the Minimum Age to Be a Lyft Driver?

Lyft’s minimum age for drivers is 21 years old. But it isn’t entirely about your age when to apply to become a Lyft driver, you are also required to have at least one year of driving experience in the United States. And don’t forget;

lyft age limit how old to drive for lyftLyft will also do a complete background check when you apply to drive and run your driving record. You can be excluded from becoming a Lyft driver if you fail either the driving record or background check.

The Lyft age limit is actually quite reasonable. Uber’s age requirement demands that drivers be 21 years at least, but have 3 years driving experience if under the age of 23.

You can get more information on Lyft’s requirements by clicking here.

You can get more information on Uber’s requirement by clicking here.

Or, if you’re ready to apply to drive for Lyft, click here.

To apply to drive for Uber, click here.






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